Government Relations & Lobbying

Combining the professional expertise of seasoned political attorneys with the sophistication and credibility of dedicated government relations specialists, Heizer | Paul fields a Government Relations and Lobbying Team second to none.

Our work includes:

  • Lobbying for business interests, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations in the General Assembly, before regulatory agencies, and in city councils and county commissions.
  • Tailoring client-focused legislative, regulatory, and communications strategies aimed at near-term victories and long-term success.
  • “Reading the Tea Leaves” to identify the optimal time and avenue for our clients to achieve public policy success.
  • Drafting, advocating for, and monitoring both proactive and defensive legislation and regulations that can protect and enhance our clients’ business success.
  • Assisting our clients with message development, communications, and media relations.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships of respect with key elected officials and regulators to assure that our clients are heard where and when they need to be.
  • Training our clients to be persuasive in legislative testimony and to work effectively with state and local government officials.